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As a sports physician and world champion age-group athlete, Dr. Lawrence A. Czelusta shares his expertise on aging and performance via free seminars. If you would like to attend a free 1-2 hour seminar, please complete the form below. We will contact you regarding upcoming seminars.

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About Optimal Aging for Peak Performance

Dr. Czelusta has climbed to the very top of his sport--duathlon--over the past two decades. He regularly outpaces former Olympians, as well as talented athletes in their prime. In 2007, Dr. Czelusta was crowned the fastest man in the world aged 60 to 64 for the long course run-bike-run event.

Dr. Czelusta attributes this success not to natural talent (he was not world-class as a younger man) but rather to a system of training and nutrition that he has developed over the past thirty years. This system--Optimal Aging for Peak Performance--can be mastered by anyone, at any age.

Some highlights of Optimal Aging for Peak Performance:

  • Optimal Aging for Peak Performance is a strategy not just for athletes, but for anyone who wants to minimize the decline of their physical abilities with the passage of time.

  • As athletes (and non-athletes) get older, more and more of their success can be attributed to knowledge of how to age optimally. Dr. Czelusta has studied optimal aging for more than three decades.

  • Using this system decreases the chance of chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and others. 

  • Advice on health, training, and nutrition abounds. But, especially for athletes who are pursuing long-term excellence, it is unwise to take advice from anyone who has not demonstrated success. Dr. Czelusta's youthfulness and impressive athletic accomplishments speak for themselves.

  • If you want to be the best in the nation or the world in your chosen sport; if you are 45 and want to be better at 50; if you are 80 and want to be better at 85; or if you just want to stay healthy, this seminar will be of interest to you.

  • These optimal aging strategies are completely natural and sport legal. No hormone injections, medications, or performance-enhancing drugs are used or recommended.

  • This program involves exercise.  People who think they don't have time for exercise should reserve a lot of future time for chronic degenerative diseases.

  • By adopting these simple and effective optimal aging strategies, you will save yourself not only time but also money. For example, according to Medical News Today, the average heart attack results in $96,467 in direct costs per patient, while the average stroke costs $59,429.

  • Prevention is vastly superior to cure. 

  • These free, educational seminars are fun and interactive. A seminar typically lasts one to two hours, and includes time for questions and answers.

  • Groups of ten or more are invited to contact us using the above form or via phone to arrange a seminar at a mutually convenient time and location.


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