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A small sample of many letters, cards, emails and comments:

  • Your advice was right on. I followed your stretching and exercise-build-up techniques, and now I'm running again--without pain!
    -(JC from Palo Alto, CA)

  • Dear Doc,

    I wanted to let you know I did it! I am now a full-fledged marathoner! Thanks to you and your healing powers.

    My time was 4:13.06--naturally it's not good enough, but then I'm not Greta Waitz. The run was nice, but hot. I'm already planning the next one.

    Thanks again,

    Judy Walls

  • Dr. Czelusta,

    Do you remember me, Angelina, the kid with the wart on a foot?  Well, I've written to thank you, very much indeed, for helping me return to running comfortably again!  As you can see from the newspaper clipping, I'm doing just fine.  Thank you again.


    Angelina Vazquez

    P.S.  I hope the cover of this card tickles your fancy.  It tickled mine.

  • Larry--

    I would like you to know how much I appreciate you and the treatment "Dr. Czelusta" administered on my left foot today--I feel most fortunate that Richard Newman and Chuck Frawley so highly recommended you to me--nothing short of a miracle--a real blessing. I feel most confident (thanks to you!) that at some point in the near future I will be able to get back to my running--something I have sorely missed.

    Thanks again--and have a great weekend.


  • Ballad of the Woeful Big-Toeful 

    I appreciate your patience

         I don't mean to be a pain

    Yet life's little worrisome misfortunes

         Seem to plague me again and again.


    I seldom ask questions,

         Won't speak my mind

    Yes, the typical, "Oh, no!  Not her again!" kind.


    First, I didn't have money

         Then I needed pesky notes

    Next, I didn't have a sitter

         So four brats I had to tote.


    Now, I need another letter

         Hope it's over after this

    Sorry I had to be the patient

         That for sure you will not miss!

    Love and prayers anyhow,

    Derest A. Christina



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